Innovation needs direction. At True North Innovation we help you create a framework for your innovation process. This makes it easier to approach difficult problems, to make sense of all the information surrounding you and to find nuggets of inspiration that deliver real value for your customers.

Our proven approach – Discover CreateDevelop – takes you through a structured process that is flexible and can easily be adapted to meet your needs. It introduces you to simple, systematic tools that stretch your creative thinking to explore new ideas. Best of all, this approach can be applied again and again to deliver impactful innovation.

Our technology and market reports will provide you with insight at the ‘fuzzy front end’ of the innovation process, when you require most guidance to make the right strategic decisions.

Rowan Norrie
Rowan Norrie is the founder of
True North Innovation. She works
with a team of associates to provide
you with the right depth and breadth
of knowledge and skills required.  


“As a result of the project with True North Innovation, we are now more focused on product development, aware of pitfalls and have numerous tools at our disposal when going for product launch.”

Gouher Rabani,
University of Edinburgh

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